The clear waters of Cyprus

And here I am – what better feeling can you get in the month of March, if not the one of being in Cyprus clear, already warm waters!

I have decided to buy myself a boat, now that I live on the Mediterranean shores – it’s just that I find it a bit tricky to choose a model.

Solution? Travel to as many Mediterranean countries as possible, to get inspired. It’s amazing to greet the little and medium sized boats everywhere you can get yourself to. Whether it’s the port of Ancona or Malta, Paphos/Larnaca in Cyprus, amazing Barcelona in Spain or Nice, as a gateway to the more cosmopolitan Monaco.

Just look at those beauties!

waiting for the next trip

All this sailing and water culture makes my reconsider my swimming ”issue”. I start to think the water is too nice not to immerse myself into this new world.

Cyprus is a cat haven, a boat hub, a scenic paradise and a multicultural mix.

hello kitty

Close to the Middle East, but part of the European Union, the trade routes and both modern and a keeper of old traditions, it’s the perfect place for history lovers.

I was really impressed by the Church of San Lazaro in Larnaca. With its tall walls and pale color, I felt like I was entering a time travel portal. Not to mention its traditional structure is the best place to take shelter in the summer because it’s way cooler than on the outside.

But I came here for the beaches. And oh yes!

You can choose!

I would recommend you to rent a car, it will be totally worth it…with an automatic transmission perhaps. Or you can do as I did, practicing how not to shift from the first to the third. I came from mainland Europe so it’s casual for me to face these issues.

Coming back to the beaches, you’ve got Larnaca beach with a free big municipal parking and many delicious inexpensive restaurants.

You’ve got Paphos beach to the west and you’ve surely got one of the best touristical resorts – Ayia Napa – to the east.

Of course, you can take your car to the Turkish side of the island for something a bit more traditional like Famagusta or Alagadi Turtle Beach, Lara beach or Golden Beach.

I just put my hammock where I could find a spot and forgot about everything else. You can also find very cheap flights to Lebanon, especially Beirut.

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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