Why travel?

Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

I don`t know exactly why I travel, yet I do it.

Maybe nobody actually knows, maybe we`re not fully supposed to.

Thing is, once you start doing it, you could find yourself merged with common-for-others-but-new-for-you elements that make you feel like you just plunged into a new world with every trip.

Every soil type, every smell, every taste of food and people, every drama, every new romantic adventure is just life that you never knew existed.

Did you know that it can actually help you start doing the things you always wanted but never had the courage to start trying?

You could start liking dogs, skydiving, swimming and even help you find your true love or teach you the prerequisites for a new job.

Whatever is the motor for this, the secret is to just keep going.

I, for one, find myself in all of the above and many more

I travelled on foot, by hitchhiking, by bicycle, by car and trains or buses/airplanes or all of the above compiled on a single trip. One day I hope I`ll be able to travel through space itsfelf with the ease that I am now booking a flight.

Until then... I am exploring all there is to explore...

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